Cheap Hotels In Bandung City

We know, Cheap Hotels in Bandung City, quite many in number.Although the Tourism City of Bandung is not the most famous in Indonesia, but many tourists who come to this city every month.Yang be one cause of getting his behavior Cheap Hotels in Bandung West Java, Indonesia.To get the latest and most comprehensive information about the price and vouchers, promos of Cheap Hotels Bandung can we know HERE.

Hotels in Bandung's price or tariff is composed of various types, there is the name of the inn, hotel, guest house, guest house and also a resort or cottage.For more details again we gave Roster Cheap Hotels in Bandung, which may be one of them an option you'll stay in Bandung.

According location or place, there is a Cheap Hotel Bandung is located in Bandung City Center, Bandung, East, North, South and West Bandung, so you can choose a cheap hotel closest to the purpose of your visit to this city.

List Cheap Hotels In Bandung City , West Java ,Indonesia

Eve Hotel

For travelers who are looking for a hotel in Dago, Eve Hotel which is a two-star hotel, it could be an option because of cost from Rp 268 thousand per night. Located in Jalan Mekarsari, the main facilities provided are 24-hour front desk, room internet and WiFi access is definitely available. The hotel's location is also close enough from Parahyangan Plaza, ITC Kebon Kalapa, as well as the Festival CityLink Mall so that streets and shopping will be easier access. The hotel quality with responsive and friendly service, the rooms are clean and tidy, and the breakfast was delicious.

D'River Guesthouse

The hotel is also included in the list of cheap hotels in Bandung for hospitalization rates start from Rp 204 thousand. Located at Jalan Cihampelas, of access to all Bandung Zoo, Cihampelas Walk and Rumah Mode Factory Outlet became increasingly close. The main facilities provided by the hotel include 24-hour front desk and WiFi. The rooms were clean and comfortable, friendly price, responsive service with friendly staff and pleasant certainly a plus point that should be considered when choosing a hotel in Bandung. Please go straight to the hotel Coblong to be able to find this one.

D'Best Hotel

With rates starting from US $ 310 500, a three-star hotel is very suitable as a place to stay. Located in Jalan Oto Iskandardinata, various main facilities is given to the satisfaction of the guests, as well as 24-ja reception, internet room, pool, and WiFi. Cleanliness of the room was really nice and provided bathroom big enough. Guests of a more perfect by the staff who helped with friendly and service was fairly good and responsive. Right in Astana Anyar, the location of the hotel is only about 4 kilometers further from Husein Sastranegara Airport.

Bolster pillow Trans

Cheap hotels in Bandung even charge starts from Rp 144 thousand per night. Very affordable hotel is located at Jalan Gatot Subroto WiFi facilities and apart from that is very close to Braga City Walk, Trans Studio Bandung, Gedung Merdeka be an advantage for the tourists. Good service and friendly and the rooms were kept clean clear Guests will feel at home and did not give to go back to stay at this hotel. Strategic and satisfying are two charmingly words to describe this hotel, plus the hotel is recommended especially for backpackers.

Marciella Hotel

Two-star and is located in Jalan Sirnagalih Marciella Hotel is one of the cheap hotels in Bandung at a rate ranging from Rp 288 thousand. WiFi facilities, this hotel provides guests with the convenience of surfing. In addition, the hotel location is quite strategic proximity of Paris Van Java Mall, Rumah Mode Factory Outlet, and Karang Setra Water Park. Even Barli Museum of just less than 1 kilometer. Overall, this hotel is of good quality with net room, the service friendly and provided adequate restaurant and parking area. A smart choice choosing this hotel when it was in Sukajadi.

Arlya Hotel

Hotel in bandung is fairly cheap because the rates offered only start from Rp 240 thousand per night. Located in Jalan Citra Raya, two-star hotel main facilities include 24-hour front desk and free WiFi. For those who want to vacation in Trans Studio Bandung, this hotel is close to the site included so no need to worry about the difficult and remote access. The rooms are provided so comfortable, clean and large. Services provided breakfast delivered to the room. The service is fast and the staff seemed to be serving with friendly.

Asoka Inn

Cheap Bandung This hotel fare ranging from US $ 294 117 per night and the tourists who are looking for a cheap hotel can go directly to Jalan Surya Sumantri to find this hotel. In addition to a strategic location that is close to Museum Barli, Karang Setra Water Park and BTC Fashion Mall, the hotel also has good facilities, namely a 24-hour front desk service, internet room, and free WiFi access. Clean room space available basis and no breakfast service as well. The bathroom was fairly full with warm water and a towel. The staff seemed to be serving with polite and friendly so that guests feel more comfortable.
3. POP CityLink Hotel

Cheap hotels in Bandung this two-star and is located on the Road Map with fares starting from Rp 286 thousand per night. For tourists who want to stroll and shopping in Bandung, this hotel could be an option for including close to Festival CityLink Mall, ITC Kebon Kalapa and King's Shopping Center. With main facilities free WiFi access, guests are free to surf fun when leisure time. Speaking of rooms, quite nice and is in accordance with the rates offered to serve breakfast delights. Convenient and satisfying are two words that can describe this hotel.


Cheap accommodation in Bandung is located in Jalan Soekarno Hatta and tariffs offered is ranging from Rp 305 thousand. Ghotic close to Trans Studio Bandung and ITC Kebon Kalapa. Overall, guests will be satisfied with his room so neat, comfortable and clean, so the price is somewhat according to the ministry. With a location not far from Husein Sastranegara Airport, the hotel is quite strategic. So for those who want to save money but still get comfort in rest, Ghotic is the right accommodation.

Jayagiri Guesthouse

Located in Lembang, precisely on Jalan Jayagiri, Lembang hotels is very affordable because rates range from Rp 275 thousand. Service or major facilities provided include a 24-hour reception, internet room, as well as WiFi. The hotel is not far from the Floating Market Lembang, Lembang Panorama Market and Supermarket Borma that will make the guests will be easier access to these locations. Rooms are provided fairly spacious and clean, as well as the bathroom so make guests feel comfortable and at ease. The atmosphere is quiet, adequate parking and responsive and friendly service are the hallmarks of cheap hotels in Bandung on this one.

That's some Cheap Hotels in Bandung, which price is the cheapest scattered in various areas of Bandung, West Java and the main choice of people who will stay in a cheap hotel in the city of Bandung and its surroundings.
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